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Best Alternative Business Financing Options For Entrepreneurs

How Alternative Lending Can Work for You

Are you struggling to acquire funding for an existing business? Or for startup business loans?  Nearly every business owner encounters a similar issue when searching for a suitable business loan for their business; the difficulty of getting approved by a traditional lender.

Whether it’s credit problems, lack of collateral, or both, conventional lenders are leery of providing loans to growing businesses. A non-traditional lender issues business loans and funding beyond the conventional forms and looks past standard measurements of success. Alternative business financing makes it simple for a growing business to acquire the working capital they need. Fundwise Capital understands that your business is your baby and not just a credit score or EIN; they’re here to help your business succeed.  Fundwise partners with some of the best business funding companies in the industry.

Get Working Capital for Business Expenses

- Use funds from non-traditional lenders to pay invoices and tax bills
- Pay your monthly business utilities and rent to stay on track

Increase Funding Approval Chances

- A non-traditional small business lender has higher approval rates
- Chances of approval are not diminished because of low credit scores

Hire the Employees You Need

- Alternative business funding can help to hire new staff members for your busiest time of year
- Provide training and educational tools and resources to promote employee growth

Quick Approval Decisions & Loan Funding

- No longer wait weeks to get approved for a loan - non-traditional lenders provide fast decisions
- Depending on your approval; the distribution of your business loan can be in as little as seven to ten days

How to Apply for alternative small business funding / financing programs

1. Get Pre-

Pre-qualification quiz assures eligibility for Fundwise loan products.

2. Apply
For Funding

Fill out the Fundwise brief application about your business needs.

3. Discuss
Funding Options

Chat with a Fundwise senior funding advisor to explore options.

4. Get

Fundwise team will walk you through the process step by step.

What is Alternative Business Financing?

Usually, high-risk applicants struggle to acquire the funding needed to run their businesses through a traditional banking system. With little collateral, these small businesses often face loan rejections when they only need a boost to grow and maintain their competitive edge in their market. In contrast, applicants with high credit scores and collateral tend to qualify for business loans with conventional banks. Even meeting the qualifications can sometimes mean waiting up to three months for approval.

Alternative financing companies are vital to small businesses looking for funding outside of the traditional way. Alternative or non-traditional business lenders are:
1) Private companies that function like banks by issuing loans to businesses, or
2) Financial service companies that do not lend directly to businesses but assist new and established companies in finding funding by connecting qualified customers with reputable third-party lenders.

The latter is how Fundwise Capital functions; they offer U.S. business funding solutions.

Traditional banks tend to drag out the process with lengthy applications and strict requirements, whereas non-traditional lenders offer funding quicker and with ease. Alternative financing provides small businesses a chance to grow without requiring them to meet demanding standards upfront.  Fundwise Capital knows how crucial working capital can be to a growing business or a startup business, so they make the process simple for you to acquire it even if you’re in search for business funding with bad credit.

How Does Fundwise Alternative Lending Work?

Fast & Easy Application Process

No-cost, no-obligation application. Applying does NOT affect your credit score. Get started in only 60 seconds.

Helpful Lending Consultation

A Funding Specialist will contact you to help you choose the right business financing option.

Quick Decision, Fast Funding

You could be approved, and funds deposited into your account, in as little as 7 days.

Alternative Business Funding Options offered by Fundwise

Business Funding Qualifications

Business Funding Products

Small Business Loans

Term Loans

Term loans are popular alternative funding options. These types of loans are ideal for businesses that are looking to make major purchases. Term loans are often a company’s choice if it requires equipment for a specific business or if a building needs renovating. Whatever the need is, non-traditional lending can help.

Business Lines of Credit

With business lines of credit, a company will receive a specific amount of money available to them as often as they pay it back. Small businesses acquire this type of funding when they want help with their cash flow. A business line of credit is also an excellent financing option when a company needs to pay vendors or staff. It also provides them with an opportunity to increase their credit score while receiving funding.

Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances are business funding options that require a business to settle an advance loan with a portion of daily credit card transactions. This business financing option provides a thriving business the capital it needs to keep the business thriving.

Don't worry if you still aren’t sure what type of business lending option will be best for you. Fundwise Capital funding specialists will guide you to the best solution for you and your business needs.


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Fundwise Capital is a financial service company based in Utah. Fundwise does not lend directly to businesses; they specialize in assisting new and established companies to find funding. Fundwise connects qualified customers with third-party lenders by using their Lender Matching Platform. The platform assists customers in finding the best financing for their business… Click The Link Below To Read Our Fundwise Review